Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hot, hot, hot!

Ok, I know it's hot, but what is the alternative. Remember winter, cold, dreary, brutal. Well, I'll take 95 degrees in the shade compared to winter. Enough about weather, we can't control it so let's just, as they say in NY, "fa-gettttttttt about it".

I am still having a very satisfying time not only doing my sports work but also doing high school senior portraits. I am going through a bit of withdrawal since the high schools are off so the senior portrait work is really keeping me busy, and guess what, I love it.

So, while I am busy, I will always make time in my schedule for your high school senior portrait session. Whether it be during the week or a weekend, in the studio, on location, or both, we can make it work. I would be glad to discuss what you can expect and some things that you may want to consider, to make your senior photos unique, and not just the same ole cookie cutter locations and poses.

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